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Founded by Bucks County and Philadelphia natives in 2008, Infinity Digital Agency has quickly become a leader in digital marketing. From our web development services to our social media marketing, we can handle every aspect of your online marketing needs.

We are proud to be both Google and Bing Partners as well as a member of many different local business organizations like B.N.I. and the Greater Jamison Business Association. We are proud to support and serve local businesses looking to get an edge in this changing economy. A custom designed website and marketing plan will truly leave your competition in the dust. Our fair and open pricing makes us one of the most trusted digital marketing companies in the industry.


What Makes Us The Better Digital Marketing Agency?

Unlike some of our local competition, we don’t judge our success by how much money we can put in our pockets. Rather, we judge our success by how much money we can put back into your pocket. Many of our staff members grew up in a family supported by a local business or family operation so we know the importance of making Main Street strong.

Through our Web Design, SEO and Social Media services – we will increase your business. Our staff has the knowledge and the experience to take your business to the next level. We do much more than just design web sites! We offer a wide range of design services and technologies solutions that will propel your business.  View testimonials given to us by happy customers who have worked with us in the past.

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We Get To Know You And Your Customers

Our account managers and marketing teams take the time to learn everything about you and the customers that you serve. Having this kind of information makes marketing your website much easier for us and is more profitable for you.

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We Are Fully Dedicated To Your Success

Every member of Infinity Digital is dedicated to making your business more successful. We understand that the only way for us to grow is for our clients to grow. Members of our marketing teams will work around the clock to help get you the desired results.

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You See The Same Data That We Will See

Unlike many other marketing and SEO agencies, we don’t have any secrets. We allow our clients full access to the analytic and reporting tools that we use. In addition, we have a full customer portal that allows you to track your project from start to finish.

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